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Grace marks in MDU University Rohtak

Grace marks in MDU University Rohtak

Hi friends in this post I will tell you about the MDU University Rohtak grace marking system. A lot of seeking this thing that how many grace marks provides by MDU University Rohtak . You that MDU University Rohtak is large university in Haryana. All types of course are officering by MDU University Rohtak. Both mode of pursing any course is provides by MDU University Rohtak i.e regular or correspondence. Some students cannot clear exam in the doubt of grace marks in MDU University Rohtak .


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Pass Marks in MDU Rohtak

First of all you have to understand something before reading about the gracing system of MDU University Rohtak. So main thing in which is pass marks of any course. A student before higher exam like B.A,B.com,B.sc,BBA etc. can passed on only by 33% marks in 10th and 12th class but in MDU University Rohtak all system is unique . You know that for passing any exam a student needs hard work and foxed on their study martial.

In MDU University Rohtak the pass marks in theory exam is 40% of maximum marks showing in question paper. For understanding this we will take a example if maximum marks of a paper in MDU University Rohtak is 80 then a student has to scored to  get pass is  40% marks  . In other words he has to score 32 numbers in theoretical exam.

Same process is repeated in practical and vice-voce marks he has to score 40% marks of maximum marks.  If a student got passed in practical and vice-voce but could not get pass in theory exams so it will be treated fail. He has to Rexam of both practical and vice-va in MDU University Rohtak. I think now all the doubts in your mind are cleared. Now we will discuss about the Grace marks in MDU Rohtak.





Rule of Grace Marks in MDU Rohtak:


Unless specified otherwise in any other Ordinance, grace marks will be given to the candidate(s), who fail in one or more papers/subjects (written/practical/internal/seasonal assessment or viva-voce), as under which shall be applicable

Uniformly to all courses/examinations:

(i) 1% grace marks will be calculated on the basis of aggregate marks of an Examination.

(ii) The grace marks shall be given in the papers/subjects in which a candidate has appeared in that examination provided he/she passes the examination or is placed in compartment, by adding such grace marks.

(iii) The unveiled grace marks of the last year/two semesters may be awarded for improvement of division.


Understanding Grace Marks in MDU Rohtak marks by an example:

For understanding the entire process of Grace marks in MDU Rohtak we takes a example of a student if this student any course exam in MDU Rohtak . The exam is also 20 include practical marks and no vice-voce. The maximum marks of question paper are 80.

So he has to scored 32 marks in theory and 8 marks in practical but by chance this student is week and could not score 32 marks in theory then it first of all it will be calculate that how many marks is scored by students if by adding 1% marks of total marks student can pass then adds 1% marks of total marks. If he scored passed marks already then no marks will not be add on his marks. If a students got pass marks in theory but by chance he failed in practical exam then he will re-exam for both theory and practical and theory .

Now I think all doubt about Grace Marks in MDU Rohtak system is cleared . If you have any suggestion or query then please write us on the comment box showing in the bottom of this page . For getting update about MDU University Rohtak keep in touch with us and book marks all the page you needs .Have a nice day.

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