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Hi friends this post we will discuss about Haryana 134a form SRN number . First of all we should know that what  is SRN number  . SRN stand for Student Registration Number . It is ten digit long and only in numerical digit. SRN number generated online on the time of admission . Exclude school no one can do SRN . SRN generate through MIS PORTAL online . When we fill haryana 134a form we need SRN number . Some school can not do SRN because they are not recognized.

It is main identity of SRN number that its ten digit long and  start with 10 to 20 it means that when the SRN number is genrated computer connect first two digit of year . Suppose a student SRN is generated on 2018 then its SRN number will be start by 18 . Example of SRN number 1812345678.

Who can generate SRN number

SRN number is a unique ID of a student issued by government of Haryana . If once the SRN is generated it can not be modified means no one can change it only correction of data i.e name of student . class . f,name. M.name , etc . A SRN number number in which aadhar is not linked not valid . A SRN should be generate by using Aadhar number .



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How to genrate SRN number Online

You know SRN number is very important for a student . Only school can genrate it by following SRN number online through MIS portal. SRN or on other words  Student Registration Number is a unique number for every student generated after the data for a student is uploaded for the first time on the MIS portal. It must be issued by school for every student by using the MIS Portal for new admissions of students as well as all old  students who has already taken admission in school . If you want to generate online SRN number of any student then follow the given steps.


  • Visit the official site of MIS Portal Haryana .
  • Click on school or employee login option .
  • A window for login is appear now put your User Id and password here .
  • After login click on student admission option and select new admission and fill the complete application form.
  • After completing the ten steps the SRN number will be generated automatically .


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Now I think all doubt about Haryana 134a SRN number   is cleared . If you have any suggestion or query then please write us on the comment box showing in the bottom of this page . For getting update about Haryana 134a Form  keep in touch with us and bookmarks all the page you needs .Have a nice day.

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